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Far-right and Black Lives Matter

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Even they can see each other as people

This is one of my favorite videos to come out of the political turmoil of the last year. I’ve seen it posted in various places, usually labeled combatively as one side “shutting down” the other. But that’s not what I see. I see the infectious power of seeing others as people. Watch this one all the way to the end; it's absolutely astonishing.

A far-right rally leader responds to Black Lives Matter protesters by inviting them to the stage. Free speech rights, he explains to his uncooperative crowd, are for everyone, even for those with whom we disagree. He quiets the crowd and invites them to listen. And then the protester honors that invitation; he does not lecture or insult, he merely explains his position. And when hecklers in the crowd start chanting against him, he acknowledges their objection and concerns.

In the end, we see no less than a miracle in today’s political climate. People at opposite ends of the political spectrum treat one another with respect.


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