• Kimberly

How to SEE

When we see they physical world, our brains receive 10 million bits of data per second. The brain filters and organizes all of this based on our previous knowledge and commitments and according to our current goals.

In the end, it only presents about 40 bits of data per second to our conscious awareness.

That means that we are only aware of 1/250,000th of what we see. And it means that our commitments and goals will CHANGE how our brain filters and organizes the information it receives.

If we are committed to selfish causes and to seeing others as objects, that is what our brains will present to us: evidence of our superiority and their uselessness.

But if we are committed to helping, and to seeing others as extraordinary, then that is what our brains will present.

We will see what is good and inspiring and humbling to the extent that we are looking for it.

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