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Humility, the magic bullet

The one thing you can improve about your personality that will make the most difference in your life:

It's not, like people always want to tell you, more confidence. Or more self-esteem. Or more passion. Those might be things that get you more instagram followers, but they're not going to help you be a better person in the long run. One thing that will, according to both science and the New York Times, is this:

Be more humble.

Not, "pretend to be humble" or "adopt the language of humility". Being humble means actually thinking less about yourself, thinking more about others, and being willing to be proven wrong.

When you're humble, you will be a much better leader because you will be more responsive to the needs of others. You will be a better innovator because you won't be slavishly devoted to your previous opinions. You will be a better team player because you will see beyond your own interests. You will be less defensive because you are less invested in your own performance. You will be a better listener because you will see others as worth hearing. And you will be a force against increasing political polarization.

Not a shabby set of results from one little character trait.

For more about what that looks like in practice, and how to become a more humble person, check out my book The Shift here.

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